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This is our big boy
(American Warmblood Society Approved)

Born in 1998, Navarre is the first son of the popular Friesian stallion, Wander. He is 16.0 hands, large boned and well put together. Navarre has a big elastic walk, floaty trot and a smooth canter. He is well balanced and very comfortable to ride. His big brown " bedroom eyes" give a clue to his gentle and sweet personality and his first foals have inherited his gentle disposition and levelheadedness. Navarre has won a ribbon in every Open Sporthorse Breed Show he has competed in. He earned a score of 86.5% at the Morven Park Breed Show in 2003 and won 1st place in the Mature Stallion Class at the VADA/Nova Breed Show. Navarre has achieved many honors and awards since then and as his training progresses, he becomes more focused and ready to move forward. Navarre and his rider, Tara Celentano, of Sugarbush Hill Farm, had a winning year at Training Level in 2004. At Dressage at Devon that year, Navarre had an outstanding show. You can view his awards in our "Accomplishments Section”. He then went on to compete successfully at 1st and 2nd level dressage. Navarre has proven himself a superior sporthorse and in 2004, he was awarded the status of American Warmblood Society Approved Breeding Stallion based on his outstanding scores in Open Sporthorse Breed Competitions. His foals can be registered with this registry and/or the Friesian Sport Horse Registry.