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Zeanna is one of our second generation broodmares, born in 1999. Her mother is Senta and her sire is Wander. Zeanna is a big girl at 16.1 hands. She has a long full mane and a huge tail like her mom. She is big bodied and has nice big feet. Her mom gave her a long shapely neck as well as a nicely rounded butt! Zeanna has great movement for dressage, lots of push from behind and a long reaching stride out of her shoulder. In 2004, at the FHS judging, she was awarded “star” status, pending the results of a riding test to be done at the 2005 judging. She passed the ridden test and is now a fully registered star mare. Zeanna’s first foal, Marijke, was born in 2004, and received a 1st premie and site Champion.