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Spirit of Isabeau (Izzy) is one of our foundation broodmares.  She is truly a star representative of the Friesian breed in every aspect. In the early 1990's when Friesians were just starting to enter the dressage world, Izzy was competing in nationally recognized USDF shows in several states, winning classes, championships, year end awards and showing newcomers to the breed what wonderful, versatile and great horses the Friesians are. She could have been their "poster girl"!  Izzy successfully completed 1st level Musical Freestyle and then retired to become a broodmare. Izzy passes along to her offspring, a fluid, rhythmic movement, easy going canter and her sweetness,  sensibility and her big heart. She is still educating people about wonderful Friesians and teaching them how to ride. All who come to know Izzy lover her as we do. Now what better testimonial can there be!