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                                          ISAAC (SOLD)

Congratulations to Denise and Chris of Whitehoue, NJ for the purchase of Isaac, our 5 month old colt by Arielle out of our stallion, Eli. It was love at first sight. Isaac is a very talented and smart youngster who is going to do phenomenal things as he gets older!!! Just watch his video.


                                          DEVLYN (SOLD)

Devlyn is a 2009 purebred Friesian colt out of our Star mare, Christina, and our stallion, Elijah. He is registered with the FPZV. Devlyn was a large foal and will mature to @ 16.2-16.3 hands. He has 3 lovely gaits. Lots of suspension, a trot with good reach, a walk with an overstep and a beautiful canter. Devlyn is easy going and has the ability to be a multitalented horse, whether it be dressage, driving or pleasure riding. He is true black with lots of hair. He is very personable, no vices and a clean bill of health. his new owner is Luis of Rockport, Illinois


                                          Jorrge (SOLD)

His new owner is Patty of Freehold,NJ.


                                          Jessica (SOLD)

Jessica is 1999 filly. Our mare Spirit of Isabeau, is her dam and her sire is YK.  At the present time she is 15'1 1/2 hands and will mature to 15'2 or 15'3. Jessica has an elegant neck, a pretty face with soft eyes and a well proportioned body. She is more of a dressage type, with movement out of her shoulder. She has a sweet personality and is very easy to work with. Jessica is an excellent prospect for dressage, driving, pleasure riding or as a broodmare and has started basic groundwork. Jessica was sold to Karen in New Jersey.

                                          Hannah (SOLD)

Hannah was born in April 2002. Her mom is Izzy and her father is Wander. She is a full sister to our “big boy” Navarre. If she is like her brother, Hannah will be a striking mare with a lot of presence and very loveable. Hannah is absolutely adorable and will come right up to you for a little scratch on the rump! She is lively and alert and loves to run circles around Izzy, but sometimes gives mom a scare when she takes off too far away. Hannah is jet black, solidly built and has the beginnings of a beautiful, shapely neck. Hannah was sold to Sandy & Joe in Michigan.

                                          Marijka (SOLD)

Marijka Born in May, 2004. This magnificent filly is out of our mare, Zeanna, and the proud meadow's Grand Prix Stallion, Tinus, She has a great conformation and moves with alot of suspension and float. Marijka has been sold to Marrietta in New Jersey.