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Elijah is our FPZV approved stallion born in 2001. His mother is our mare, Senta, and his sire is Wander, an FPS approved stallion. Eli is more of a “Sporthorse type”, refined and elegant. Eli recently earned his breeding approval from the German FPZV at the 50 Day Stallion Performance Test held at Proud Meadows in Texas. During the testing period, the stallions are required to learn driving, dressage and cross country jumping. As you can see from Eli’s photo, he loves to jump! He was one of the youngest stallions at the testing and his final score put him in 3rd place. We knew that Eli was special from the time he was born. He was so smart as a foal, he found the smallest space between sections of the fence and would squeeze through and end up in the aisle way instead of in the field with his mom. We couldn’t figure out he was getting out. Everyday he would go to the exact same spot and wiggle through the fence. Finally, we found his escape route! Over the years, he has shown himself to be a stallion worthy of the privilege of being an approved breeding stallion. He is very smart and enthusiastic about work. He loves a challenge and always gives 110% of himself. He has great conformation, is built uphill and is very well balanced. He has 3 active and powerful gaits. He was shown in Open Sporthorse Breed shows as a young colt and placed well in his classes. As a 4 year old he started training level dressage and was Champion of the USDF Region 1 BLM Championship Training level class with 25 horses competing. In 2006, Eli did the FEI 5 year old test, which is designed for talented dressage prospects. He scored high with 74% and won the class. We believe that Eli has the talent to go all the way to Grand Prix. Eli is being offered for breeding to Friesian and non Friesian mares. Foals can be registered with the German Friesian Registry,FPZV.